Wound Care

Plastic surgeons may not be the first medical professionals that come to mind when one thinksmof wound care. However, our services at Bourhill plastic surgery can be very beneficial for certain wound patients. For more information about how we can help, continue reading.

Deciding How A Wound Should Be Treated

The first step in offering optimal wound care is to devise a plan that offers the most benefit to the patient. Dr. Bourhill, our plastic surgeon, wants you to be involved in this process and ask questions so you can remain fully informed on the decisions being made. These treatment decisions will be based on the following evaluations:

  • The amount of skin missing.
  • Damage sustained to your nerves or muscles.
  • Any effects on your skeletal structure.

Methods Of Wound Care

After a full assessment of your wound has been made, Dr. Bourhill will inform you of the recommended care method. These methods can include the below:

  • Skin Grafts: Wounds that are wide and thick can be cared for with skin grafts. This process involves taking tissue from another part of your body and placing it over the affected area, allowing healing to take place.
  • Direct Closures: Direct closures are reserved for wounds that are on the surface of your skin and have straight edges. Simple cuts are examples of this.
  • Tissue Expansion: This method allows the body to grow new, healthy skin by slowly stretching out tissue in the adjacent area. First, a balloon-like device is placed under tissue next to the damaged area. The device is then gradually filled with silicone to allow new tissue to form and stretch out before it is removed.

Wounds that are left unchecked can lead to serious medical complications in the future. To avoid this from happening, consider working with us here at Bourhill Plastic Surgery when care is needed.