Reconstructive Surgery

When you’ve been injured or diagnosed with a devastating condition like cancer, it can cause damage to your body that may seem irreversible. This damage can be appearance-based, but may also hinder your functionality. At Bourhill Plastic Surgery, our team is well versed in situations and will provide you with the care that is needed.

Sometimes, reconstructive surgery is done as a treatment option for patients who have been injured or who are dealing with certain medical conditions. In other cases, reconstructive surgery is done to help patients who had undergone a previous surgery as a form of treatment. Whatever your category you fall into, Dr. Bourhill will be there for you. He can perform an operation related to any of the following:

Reconstructive surgery can help with both aesthetic problems and functionality. It can also be used as a form of treatment or a follow-up method of care. Working with a trusted plastic surgeon will offer the best chance of you getting the results that are needed. At Bourhill Plastic Surgery, we’re committed to helping our patients in any way possible. For more information about our services, continue exploring our website, or contact our team today.