Skin Cancer

At Bourhill Plastic Surgery, we understand how devastating skin cancer can be. Our plastic surgeon is well versed in this condition and can provide the surgical treatment you need to improve your chances of making a full recovery.

Symptoms To Watch For

There are various types of skin cancer a person can suffer from. With a large range of cancers comes a multitude of symptoms you can experience. If you begin to develop any of the below, reach out to a medical professional immediately:

  • Pearly or waxy bumps.
  • Flat lesions.
  • Sores that bleed or scab that constantly return after healing.
  • Red nodules.
  • Large, brown spots with freckles.
  • Moles that change in size or color.

These are only a few symptoms that point to skin cancer. If you notice any noticeable changes to your skin that you can’t explain, it’s recommended that you seek out a diagnosis.


Depending on the severity, type, and location of your cancer, different treatment options will be administered. While chemo and radiation make the most sense for some, others will require surgery to remove the cancerous cells from your body before they spread. If you fall into the latter category, our plastic surgeon will be able to help.

In the case of minor cancer, a simple excision, curettage, or desiccation may be performed. This
scenario typically results in sustaining a minor scar and can be done in an outpatient procedure.
For larger cancers, major surgery may be required to help you make a full recovery.

Working With Our Team

Our plastic surgeon knows how difficult being diagnosed with skin cancer can be. That is why we strive to make you as comfortable as possible when surgical treatment is needed. We promise to provide in-depth information on the procedure being administered to help ease any stress you are currently facing.