Breast Reconstruction

When cancer treatment has required the development of breast tissue, it often leaves patients wondering what to do next. At Bourhill Plastic Surgeon, our team can help return a sense of normalcy to our patient’s life through breast reconstruction surgery. There are various methods of reconstruction that can be done, and our team of experts will determine which one will yield the most results for you.

Breast Implants

One method for breast reconstruction involves the use of implants. Breast implants are silicone shells filled with saline or silicone gel. If it is recommended by our surgeon to move forward with this type of reconstruction, they will place the implant either in front of or behind your pectoral muscle. While some women will be able to have a permanent implant placed at the time of the mastectomy, for others, it is a two-stage process that first requires the use of tissue expansion.

Tissue Expansions

During this process, our plastic surgeon will stretch out the chest skin and soft tissue that remains after your mastectomy to help make room for your future implant. This is achieved by inserting a tissue expander behind your pectoral muscle at the time of the mastectomy. Over the next few months, our plastic surgeon will inject small amounts of saline into the tissue expander to fill it in stages. Doing so allows the skin to stretch gradually over time, making the process easier on your body.

Know The Risks

Just like with any operation, breast reconstruction carries some risk. Before deciding to undergo this procedure, we need our patients to fully understand them. While our plastic surgeon will work to avoid them, complications that may occur include:

  • Implant ruptures or deflations.
  • Infections.
  • Excess bleeding.
  • Development of scar tissue that causes breast tissue to form into an unnatural shape.
  • Impaired healings of incisions.

At Bourhill Plastic Surgery, we want patients to feel comfortable working with us. For more information on breast reconstruction surgery, contact us today.