Sometimes dieting and copious amounts of exercise isn’t enough to help get the body you’ve been dreaming of.  While these two options are a great first step, medical invention can be used to push yourself past the finish line.  At Bourhill Plastic Surgery, our goal is to help our patients regain their self-confidence by administering the procedures they need.  If you’re looking for body-based cosmetic surgery, you have come to the right place.

Body Shaping

The first type of cosmetic plastic surgery we can offer is known as body shaping or body contouring.  Losing a lot of weight should be felt as a personal accomplishment.  However, while the number on your scale may have gone down, you can still be having issues with your self image.  When one loses weight, you can be stuck with copious amounts of loose skin.  Although this is not a life threatening issue, it can often be unsightly and damper your self-esteem.  There may also be pockets of fat that you are not able to remove no matter how hard you try.  That is where body shaping comes in.  Our plastic surgeon can remove excess fat and skin from various parts of the body to improve your look.

Tummy Tucks

A tummy tuck is a more specific type of body shaping operation.  As previously stated, when you lose a lot of weight, you may leave behind excess skin.  After doing all the work to get healthier, having loose skin around your abdomen can make it truly hard to appreciate your accomplishments.  Fortunately, we can administer the tummy tuck you need to do so.

During this procedure, our plastic surgeon will remove excess fat and skin.  Your abdominal muscles may also be repositioned to help tighten them.  The incisions made during this procedure can either stay around the abdomen to focus on the excess skin in this area, or it may extend to help remove skin from the back as well.

Butt Lifts

Having sagging or drooping buttocks is a quick way to decrease your quality of life.  To correct these issues, our team may recommend undergoing a butt lift.  During this procedure, excess skin and fat will be removed from this area.  Doing so allows your buttocks to have a more tightened experience, and can have you fitting into your pants better than ever before.

Other Body Parts

Cosmetic surgery for your body does not have to be limited to your abdomen and butt.  Excess fat and skin can build up anywhere, and our plastic surgeon can help with this.  If you’re looking to tighten your body up, we can perform operations on the below areas:

  • Thighs.
  • Arms.
  • Hips.