The NIA24‚?Ęskin care products line is developed to help you reduce premature aging, rosacea, pigmentation, wrinkles, and to improve overall skin texture. NIA24 products are designed to specifically address the three stages of skin care‚??pre-damage, post-damage, and remedy for existing problems‚??to more effectively treat the skin's needs.

NIA24's special ingredient is a patented niacin molecule that is proven to reduce hyper-pigmentation, improve skin texture, smoothness and tone, as well as reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve firmness. It is also known to regenerate skin cell layers and is promoted by the National Cancer Institute as a potential prevention against skin cancer.

The ingredients are delivered in a continuous-release process and penetrate the epidermis so that the product has sufficient time and intensity to work as effectively as possible.

Who is NIA24 Skin Care For?

If you are concerned about the health of your skin and care about the signs of aging and sun damage that have or may develop, NIA24 may be an perfect solution for you. The next step is to talk with Dr. Bourhill in order to get a professional opinion on whether NIA24 is right for you skin.

NIA24 is also effective when combined with chemical peels, laser therapy, microdermabrasion and other resurfacing treatments.

Please feel free to give us a call at 631-424-4026 if you are interested in finding out more about the NIA24 product line. We are happy to answer any questions you might have, or to set up a consultation with Dr. Bourhill. He can recommend the products that will best suit your needs, and suggest any procedures that might combine well as a comprehensive skin care approach. We are located in Huntington and are proud to serve residents throughout Long Island.